Dave Price

Dave and Kazmyra Price have three children. Dave was part of the eldership team from 2010 to 2017, he has since moved on to be the Lead Elder of a church in Maidenhead. He is passionate about God's Kingdom being demonstrated upon the earth, has a growing prophetic ministry serving other churches and loves to equip people to hear God’s voice and operate in all the spiritual gifts.

Dave Price

Recent Sermons

Mothers Day

26.03.17  Dave Price

Church Outside The Walls

26.02.17  Dave Price

What Is The Presence Of God?

29.01.17  Dave Price

One Direction, Glory to Glory

15.01.17  Dave Price

Jesus The Rock

16.10.16  Dave Price

We are Saints by Grace

18.09.16  Dave Price

Revelation + Application + Faith = Transformation

04.09.16  Dave Price

Kingdom Mindset: No Cross No Crown

21.08.16  Dave Price

Kingdom Mindset

14.08.16  Dave Price

Kingdom Culture

07.08.16  Dave Price

Prayer Affects Influence

03.07.16  Dave Price

Entering Into Possession

12.06.16  Dave Price

Glory To Glory - Session 4

11.06.16  Dave Price

Glory To Glory - Session 1

11.06.16  Duncan Hanton

A Kingdom of Dependancy

22.05.16  Dave Price

God Qualifies

27.03.16  Dave Price

Being The First Follower

06.03.16  Dave Price

The Voice You Listen To

14.02.16  Dave Price

Something About Mary

31.01.16  Dave Price

Sharing The Good News

20.12.15  Dave Price

God Celebrates Obedience

01.11.15  Dave Price

Sharing The Prophetic

18.10.15  Dave Price