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When Jesus sent a bunch of mostly uneducated disciples out into their communities with little training or experience, the gospel somehow spread rapidly. Jesus simply said “Go, explain the kingdom, pray for people and trust I’ll be with you.”

When these Christians later met in an Upper Room, they waited expectantly because Jesus had promised that something significant was about to happen; someone was going to arrive who was going to help them navigate the years to come. When the Holy Spirit entered the room, these men and women were filled with such an extraordinary power that a movement was birthed that is still growing today.

UPPER ROOM ACADEMY is our training school to equip disciples from all backgrounds, nationalities, ages, classes, walks of life and level of education to rediscover some of that raw adventure and boldness in a way that fits our history, gifting and location.

UPPER ROOM ACADEMY is focused on capturing the heart of how the early church operated to help us start small groups and plant, grow and encourage hundreds of churches across north London and beyond.

In the Nineteenth Century Charles Spurgeon called his church members to start small Gospel fires wherever they lived, and in due course hundreds of churches were planted across the towns and suburbs across South London. We feel that prophetically God is calling us to play our part in doing the same thing across North London.

The goal of UPPER ROOM ACADEMY is to train leaders that:

  • Lead by praying with passion
  • Lead bible studies that reveal who God is and who he’s calling us to be.
  • Live lives marked by the fruit, gifts and leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  • Hold one another accountable in advancing the Gospel.

It’s not rocket science, but it is how the early Church grew from a ragtag bunch of believers into a world defining movement of churches.

If you want to be part of a movement that plays its part in reaching north London (& beyond) with the gospel and helps to plant hundreds of churches the UPPER ROOM ACADEMY is for you.

What’s the plan?

  • Meet on nine Saturday mornings in a year.
  • Saturday morning focus: Includes praying for an hour and studying the bible for an hour (using the Discovery Bible Study method).
  • Start lots of Gospel fires around North London and beyond!

Dates for this year

Saturday mornings. 9am-12pm Trinity Centre

Saturday 10th September 2022.

Saturday 1st October 2022.

Saturday 12th November 2022.

Saturday 7th January 2023.

Saturday 4th February 2023.

Saturday 4th March 2023.

Saturday 6th May 2023.

Saturday 3rd June 2023.

Saturday 1st July 2023.

(URA dates will follow term time and the same pattern as above, i.e meeting on the first Saturday of the month).

Your Commitment to UPPER ROOM ACADEMY

The Academy is a great place to learn the disciplines of leadership, so here are the commitments we’d like you to make.

  • Turn up for all the sessions and be ready to contribute.
  • Believe that God is going to use you to start a small group in your community.
  • Read “Movements that Change the world” by Steve Addison
  • Read Acts & Luke during the term

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