Group Life

Frequently Asked Questions

New to Trinity?

If you are new to Trinity, we would encourage you to join a Connect Group first of all. A Connect Group is run by key leaders in the church and gives you an opportunity to meet other new people over supper and find out more about Trinity.

How do I join a Group?

After you’ve been part of a Connect Group, we would encourage you to read through the list of other groups on the website and join a group by signing up online.
All our groups run for one term (which is usually covers a 12 week period), so if you sign up for a group we would ask you to make a high priority of attending whenever the group meets. In the description you’ll see that not all groups meet with the same frequency.
You can sign up online to join the Connect Group at any point during the term. However all the other groups have a “Sign Up” period of two weeks at the beginning of the term, after which the group is not open to new members and we encourage any new people to join a Connect Group.

Why do groups only run for a term?

Over the years we’ve realised that it can be hard for new people to join established groups and also that it can be hard to find people to make a open ended commitment to lead a group. Having a start date and an end date means that a group has a known commitment and it becomes easier to include new people. At the end of the term you can always sign up for same group if it continues, or chose a new group to join.

Why do you have a sign up period and then close the group to new people?

Having a sign-up period means that the focus on Groups is really high for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the term and it means we can encourage new people to be built into the life of Trinity. Because Groups only run for a term, we want the groups to be able to settle and find their own identity as quickly as possible. No-one is going to get in trouble for joining a group late if there are exceptional reasons… but we don’t want to encourage it.

What do Groups do?

There is a wide range of different things that the groups focus on. There should be something for everyone!

“People, Places, Passions & Publications.”

All groups however will include the elements of “UP, IN & OUT” during the course of the term. How each of these elements are worked out is dependent on the leader and will have been discussed with the Group Life Co-ordinator.

Where and when do they meet?

Groups meet throughout the week in cafes, homes and other venues across Barnet and beyond depending on the focus of the Group.
We’d love to encourage you to be asking the question ‘What is God saying to me and what am I going to do about it?’ to help you to decide which group to join.

Can I join more than one Group?

Yes! However we would ask that you prayerfully consider your capacity and make sure you can be fully committed to both groups

What If I want to start and lead a group?

We’d love to hear from you about what God is speaking to you about. If you are interested in exploring how to start and lead a group, please read through the section“Lead a Group” and submit the online form explaining the idea for your group. Someone from the team will get back to you really quickly.

Any other Questions?

Feel free to contact us on and ask any questions you have. One of the team would love to hear from you.