Hearing and following God

Hearing and following God

Learning from the life of Samuel.

Favour And A Promise

07.01.24  Duncan Hanton

Keeping The Promise

14.01.24  Jebson John

Singing about an upside-down Kingdom

21.01.24  Bekah Young

Dying For A Change

03.03.24  Saman Karamdaneh

The basics of God’s Kingdom

11.03.24  Jerry Turner

Be Careful What You Ask For

17.03.24  Dom Long

Finding a king

07.04.24  Manuela Mai

Anointing and Confirmation

18.04.24  Tim Dieppe

A Warning

21.04.24  Cynthia Waithira

Saul’s Impatience

21.04.24  Duncan Hanton

Anointing God’s Chosen

28.04.24  Duncan Hanton