A place for special one-off sermons.

Being Church

24.07.22  Duncan Hanton

Never Enough…

07.08.22  Duncan Hanton

Psalm 125

04.09.22  Duncan Hanton

Disruptive Discipleship

11.09.22  Andy Cooley

Nadim’s Testimony

16.10.22  Nadim Ednan-Laperouse

Baptism Sunday - 20th November 2022

20.11.22  Andy Howell

The Revelation of The Word

27.11.22  Tim Dieppe

Advent - week 2

04.12.22  Manuela Mai

Christmas Carol Service Talk

11.12.22  Sammy Jabangwe

Family Christmas Celebration Talk

18.12.22  Andy Cooley

In Christ Alone

19.03.23  Duncan Hanton

The Last Supper and The Crucifixion

02.04.23  Saman & Bruno

The Easter Story

09.04.23  Duncan Hanton

Extraordinary Power For Ordinary People

16.04.23  Jerry Turner

Psalm 133

15.10.23  Duncan Hanton

Christmas Celebration

17.12.23  Jill Hanton

Interview with Bernard Randall

25.02.24  Duncan Hanton and Bernard Randall

Palm Sunday

25.03.24  Tara Agyemang