A place for special one-off sermons.

Being Church

24.07.22  Duncan Hanton

Never Enough…

07.08.22  Duncan Hanton

Psalm 125

04.09.22  Duncan Hanton

Disruptive Discipleship

11.09.22  Andy Cooley

Nadim’s Testimony

16.10.22  Nadim Ednan-Laperouse

Baptism Sunday - 20th November 2022

20.11.22  Andy Howell

The Revelation of The Word

27.11.22  Tim Dieppe

Advent - week 2

04.12.22  Manuela Mai

Christmas Carol Service Talk

11.12.22  Sammy Jabangwe

Family Christmas Celebration Talk

18.12.22  Andy Cooley

In Christ Alone

19.03.23  Duncan Hanton

The Last Supper and The Crucifixion

02.04.23  Saman & Bruno

The Easter Story

09.04.23  Duncan Hanton

Extraordinary Power For Ordinary People

16.04.23  Jerry Turner