Jesus, Who Do You Think You Are?

Jesus, Who Do You Think You Are?

A Study of Jesus and the Culture he created around him from the Beginnings of the Gospel of Luke.

Giving God The Mundane

24.01.16  Duncan Hanton

Something About Mary

31.01.16  Dave Price

The Voice You Listen To

14.02.16  Dave Price

Courage From Grace

21.02.16  Duncan Hanton

Holding On To Your Dreams

28.02.16  Tim Dieppe

Being The First Follower

06.03.16  Dave Price

Who Are You?

20.03.16  Duncan Hanton

God Qualifies

27.03.16  Dave Price

Give Your Trust

03.04.16  Duncan Hanton

God Uses The Least

18.04.16  Duncan Hanton

New Covenant Acceptance

01.05.16  Duncan Hanton

His Banner Is Love

08.05.16  Duncan Hanton

The Power Of God To Heal

15.05.16  Duncan Hanton

A Kingdom of Dependancy

22.05.16  Dave Price

God Builds We Go

06.06.16  Duncan Hanton

Build On The Rock

26.06.16  Duncan Hanton

Prayer Affects Influence

03.07.16  Dave Price

Favour Through Grace

17.07.16  Pete Thomas

Knowing His Goodness

31.07.16  Jill Hanton

Kingdom Culture

07.08.16  Dave Price

Kingdom Mindset

14.08.16  Dave Price

Kingdom Mindset: No Cross No Crown

21.08.16  Dave Price

We Go God Saves

28.08.16  Manuela Mai