Andy Cooley

Andy and Zoe Cooley have been a part of the Trinity family since 2006. Andy became an elder in 2019. He works part time for the church as the community pastor. He has a passion for community transformation and developing leaders. He oversees the different community projects and Trinity Group Life. On his other days Andy looks after his two children Naomi and Joshua.

Andy Cooley

Recent Sermons

Eating with Tax Collectors

06.08.23  Andy Cooley

Psalm 130 - Hope

09.07.23  Andy Cooley

Psalm 125

28.05.23  Andy Cooley

The Living God Who Heals

26.02.23  Andy Cooley

The Living God - Who Answers Prayer

15.01.23  Andy Cooley

Family Christmas Celebration Talk

18.12.22  Andy Cooley

1 John 2:12-29

03.10.22  Andy Cooley

Disruptive Discipleship

11.09.22  Andy Cooley

Daniel 6

17.07.22  Andy Cooley


26.06.22  Andy Cooley