Andy Cooley

Andy and Zoe Cooley have been a part of the Trinity family since 2006, and have a young daughter. Andy became an elder in 2019. He works part time for the local council in welfare reform and part time for the church. He has a passion for community transformation and developing leaders. He oversees the different community projects and Trinity Group Life.

Andy Cooley

Recent Sermons

Revelation Part Three

02.02.20  Andy Cooley

Kingdom Keys

12.01.20  Andy Cooley

Simply Jesus

24.11.19  Andy Cooley

Transformed in my Finance

03.11.19  Andy Cooley

Transformed in my Spiritual Health

29.09.19  Andy Cooley

Victory over Sin

25.08.19  Andy Cooley

Assurance of Salvation

28.07.19  Andy Cooley

Nehemiah - Being Totally Devoted to God

23.06.19  Andy Cooley

Nehemiah - Relational Honour

26.05.19  Andy Cooley

This Week Changed Everything

28.04.19  Andy Cooley

Parable of the Soil

24.02.19  Andy Cooley

Community and Others

13.01.19  Andy Cooley


18.11.18  Andy Cooley

Transforming the City

21.10.18  Andy Cooley

40 Days in Prayer - Part Three

17.06.18  Andy Cooley

40 Days of Prayer - Introduction

13.05.18  Andy Cooley

Revival Prayer

22.04.18  Andy Cooley

Advent - series introduction

19.11.17  Andy Cooley