Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Sermons from the visiting speakers that have preached at Trinity.

Gram’s Story

10.12.23  Gram Seed

Hunger for God’s Presence

02.07.23  Wendy Mann

The Father

01.07.23  Wendy Mann

Embracing Grief and Loss

01.07.23  Wendy Mann

A Man After God’s Heart

12.03.23  Andrey Bondarenko

Special Guest Service

22.05.22  Rob and Alison Davey

The Jesus You Need

10.04.22  Howard Kellett

God’s Plans

16.01.22  Pete Thomas

Relight The Fire

27.06.21  Steve Tebb

Prophetic Message for Trinity

30.05.21  Christina Spybey


25.04.21  Christina Spybey


18.04.21  Andy Howell

The Kingdom of God

11.04.21  Manuel Mai

The Triumphal Entry

28.03.21  Pete Thomas

Deuteronomy 6

14.03.21  Dorle Dieppe


31.01.21  Ben Lindsay

Victory in the name of Jesus

23.02.20  Markus Adolfsson

Eldership Sunday

22.07.19  Phil Wilthew and others

Prophecy for Trinity

14.04.19  Dave Price

Who is Jesus?

25.03.18  Matt Hosier

Mothering Sunday

11.03.18  Various

Guest Speakers

05.11.17  Norman and Margaret Moss

Guest Speaker

22.10.17  Martin Dunsford

Called to be Fruitful

30.04.17  Andy Robinson

Through the Bible in 80 minutes - part two

27.11.16  David Cooke

Through the Bible in 80 minutes - part one

20.11.16  David Cooke

Faith - the Evidence of Hope

13.11.16  Andy Robinson

You Are Not The Stronghold

19.06.16  Norman Moss

Relationship To The Father

07.02.16  Ian Hoile

Christ Like Attitude

17.01.16  John Coles

Guest Speaker

29.11.15  Andy Robinson

Our Identity In Christ

08.11.15  Wendy Mann

God’s Character In Jonah

11.10.15  Chris Bennett


05.07.15  Ruth

Christians In The Arts

15.03.15  Jane Rosier

Guest Speaker Terry Virgo

02.03.14  Terry Virgo